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Archaeologia Magistra Vitae?

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Digging Ancient Artifacts: A Metaphor for Knowledge

Giampiero Bevagna

Archeology students from Umbra Institute
Archeology students from Umbra Institute


Finding a path, connecting the dots, and recognizing patterns in the complex maze of information is our job as affective scholars and teachers. Providing the right tools to navigate and understand all this information is the key to gaining knowledge. Using archaeology as a metaphor, the analysis of archaeological findings from digs are not only valued per se, but are also used as a window into the world they came from. Just like in any modern scholarly discipline, only logical reasoning based on data retrieved through rigorous research can be assumed true gain. Archaeology might not bring one to the ultimate “truth”, but we always learn something about ourselves as people and as a part of a long trail of human lives. Setting up an archaeology program abroad helps students gain a more in-depth understanding of the reality of the territory.

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